GREEN and BLUE Hydrogen Generation Products & Services


Old World Technology meets New World Thinking

AH2 takes advantage of these factors :
ESG Investors and Governments are both actively promoting BLUE and GREEN Hydrogen generation
Both BLUE and GREEN Hydrogen require large amounts of water
Conventional BLUE and GREEN Hydrogen generators need extremely pure water
The Western Canadian Basin has limited fresh water, but significant brine reserves
The Western Canadian Basis has a large and robust Oil & Gas Infrastructure
AH2 combines these facts to provide a cost-effective option for its clients.



Together with our partner companies we offer the following services worldwide:
Complete Engineering, Procurement and Project Management for Upstream Oil & Gas GREEN Hydrogen, Employing Grid-Based or Stand-Alone Renewable Electricity
Detailed Engineering and Equipment Supply for GREEN HYDROGEN
Conceptual Engineering and Costing for SMR or ATR BLUE HYDROGEN
CCS, from CO2 Capture, Through Pipelining and Including for Injection Well Design
Detailed Engineering and Equipment Supply for Water Treatment, including Selenium Removal
Detailed Engineering and Equipment Supply for On-Site Biocide Generation
Detailed Engineering and Supply of Dilute Lithium Ore Concentrators
h2 molecule

AH2 engineering, procurement and project management services are provided by Acero Engineering Ltd. including:

• Process Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• E,I&C
• Civil / Structural Engineering
• Piping Design & Drafting
• Project Management & Controls
• Regulatory Services
• Procurement
• Construction Management

Best procurement strategies and capabilities in providing the following equipment from trusted suppliers: 

• Amprey Patented Electrocoagulation
• MikroForme Flotation/ Gas Contactor
• Sewer sLick Removal of Fats, Oil and Grease
• Hydraulic Classifier
• Misty Gas Stripping and Gas Contacting
• WaterStrider - Treating Frac Water for Reuse
• MagPi - Phosphorous Removal

The Produced Water Electrolyzer is a key element of our solution.

Designed to generate PIPELINE PRESSURE HYDROGEN from:
• Oilfield Produced Water
• Desalination Effluent
• Other Brines

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