Leadership at Alberta H2 is one of our top priorities. Ensuring a safe workplace where our leaders provide the resources needed and an environment where all input is valued is a key part of our philosophy. Creating and fostering cornerstone qualities such as respect, trust and empathy while supporting our staff is a fundamental philosophy behind our values.

As we grow we will pay particular attention to ensuring that these and all positive workplace attributes remain core. We believe that no asset, innovation or technology is more important that our people.

Richard Enns

Mr. Enns's expertise includes R&D, conceptual design, effluent studies/modelling, gas and gas liquids processing/handling. Facilities worked on include industrial gas/water treatment, landfill gas utilization, forestry waste products, gas splitters, stabilizers, hydrotreaters, biodiesel plants and LNG. Richard also has a passion for alternative energy development, including biofuels, hydrogen, geothermal and cogeneration. He has been published in technical journals, taught technical seminars, and has contributed presentations to both clients and professional societies.

John Sutherland

Mr. Sutherland is a professional engineer with over 35 years of experience with western Canadian and international oil and gas projects. He has extensive technical practice, management, and leadership skills.

He has demonstrated expertise in project management, facilities design, regulatory practice, policy development, sales and corporate strategy. Previously, John held executive responsibilities at a major Alberta manufacturer with a particular focus on the development and successful commercialization of new industry leading technologies.

AH2 specialties

  • Low-cost Hydrogen
  • Oil & Gas Engineering
  • Operations & Procurement
  • Product Management
  • Renewable Electricity
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